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The floors are from prefabricated OMNIA slabs produced by Inobačka DOO. These slabs are made according to the designed brand of concrete, reinforced truss and reinforcement of the lower zone. The thicknesses of the OMNIA slabs are 5 to 7 cm.

Reinforcement of the overlap and the upper zone is installed at the construction site, and it is concreted with ordinary concrete to a full thickness of 16 to 60 cm. Slab thickness is selected based on load-bearing capacity. In this way, a monolithic floor structure is obtained, weighing 250 to 320 kg/m².

During the process of OMNIA slab production, architectural, structural and installation requirements are taken into account. The slabs are fitted with junction boxes for electrical installations as well as penetrations for plumbing and heating, thus enabling faster, simpler and more precise installation of installation equipment.

This floor construction system is compatible with all construction methods, especially usable in the traditional construction system.

Other products

OMNIA slabs

Prefabricated concrete walls have been a well-known technology for the construction of multi-story buildings in European countries for three decades, and recently in our country as well.

Geo Wall

Concrete prefabricated panels are increasingly used for the treatment of visible free surfaces near reinforced earth embankments.

RUCONBAR noise barrier wall

The RUCONBAR concept is an economical and environmentally friendly noise protection solution that is at the same time easy to implement

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