Prefabricated panels


Proizvodi visokogradnje


Concrete prefabricated panels are increasingly used for the treatment of visible free surfaces near reinforced earth embankments. The panels are made in dimensions according to the project documentation, the standard dimensions of the panels are 3.00 (2.00) x 2.20 = 6.60m², the width of the panels is 25cm.

Concrete panels are prefabricated hollow elements composed of two fronts A and B. The fronts of the panels (sides A and B) are connected using lattice girders..

During prefabrication, reinforcement nets are also installed in fronts A and B, see detail. In order to achieve further connection of the panels with geogrids, grooves are left at design distance, standard at 44 cm (30).

There is the possibility of the geogrid being built into the panel during prefabrication, leaving it to protrude by up to 50 cm from the panel. The part protruding from the panel is used for further connection. The view shows a panel with 1.5-2.0 cm wide slits, into which a geogrid is inserted after placing the panel in the designed place, see detail.

The panels are made according to the specifications provided in the graphical documentation. The face of the panel must be smooth without visible unevenness, and if it still occurs during prefabrication, it must be filled and smoothed.

The panels are installed in the designed location with the help of appropriate cranes. They are mounted with the help of angles until concrete is poured.

After installing reinforced concrete, prefabricated panels, the free space is filled with C 20/25 concrete and in that way a monolithic concrete wall with a total thickness of 25 cm is formed.

When installing the filling, make sure that a piece of Q283 mesh, 40 cm wide or vertical anchors of length, are installed along the longitudinal joints of the panel.

Only HDPE extruded geogrids, of designed tensile strength given in the project documentation, are used for embankment reinforcement and connection to the panel.

The geogrid must be made of high-density polyethylene board, oriented in one direction.

The calculated tensile strength of the non-creeping geogrid, for a design period of 120 years, which causes a maximum deformation of 1%, must be> 20.00 kN/m at an average temperature of 10 – 20°C, as defined by the structural calculation for the supporting structure.

This value of the calculated tensile strength represents the ratio of the maximum tensile strength of the geogrid for the maximum deformation of 1% at the end of the period of 120 years and the design safety factor.

The calculation safety factor is a product of partial factors of materials that are, due to the lack of domestic regulations, in accordance with European standards for geosynthetic materials.

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Concrete prefabricated panels are increasingly used for the treatment of visible free surfaces near reinforced earth embankments.

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